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Good Land, Good Shopping
The City of Goleta, CA

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About Good Land, Good Shopping is a partnership between the City of Goleta and Giftbar. We encourage the community to think local first when shopping, dining, or purchasing services. This partnership aims to stimulate the local economy by hosting a digital gift card marketplace for local merchants and residents.

Have a Business in Goleta?

Joining Giftbar via allows you to accept the gift cards that are being issued to local households as part of the Good Land, Good Shopping program! Learn More »


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Store Locations

We are located in:

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Hollister Avenue , Goleta, CA 93117
  • Monday: 9 - 2
  • Tuesday: 9 - 2
  • Wednesday: 9 - 2
  • Thursday: 9 - 2
  • Friday: 9 - 12
  • Saturday: occasional hours
  • Sunday: occasional hours
  • Close Hours

  • $25
    Suggested Amount For:
    Online Courses, Varied Prices ($25 - $95)
  • $95
    Suggested Amount For:
    Mini or Follow Up Astrology Reading, 30 minutes
  • $175
    Suggested Amount For:
    One Hour Astrology Reading
  • $225
    Suggested Amount For:
    90 Minute Deep Dive Astrology Reading


My name is Martha Alter Hines. I would love to support you or someone you love with an astrology reading or healing session. I also have just published a new 2022 Astrology Journal, I have three published books that help to support our soul journey, and online courses to help a person feel soothed and held on a soul level as well.

Gift cards can be used for direct sessions with me or for any of my books, the journal, or the online courses.

Give a gift of healing, of feeling seen on a soul level, and of feeling clarity, comfort, and love.
It is my honor to serve in this way.

Please contact me with any questions: